The Addams Family - April 02 - April 05, 2020

Parkersburg High School

 Director's Note 

     If you're anywhere near my age, you probably also grew up watching reruns of The Addams Family on TV.  As a kid, I loved everything about it.  As an adult, I find myself identifying with Morticia more with each passing year.  It's probably fair to say the show helped develop my love for dark comedy that has shaped not only my personality but also many of my production decisions.  It's no surprise, then, that when a musical version of the family story appeared on the scene, I was very interested.  It's been on my mental "must produce" list for years.  

     Though the Addamses are a bit different onstage than they were on TV, their vibe and humor remain the same.  The musical tells us a story of the family a few years later:  Wednesday is grown, and the family is dealing with how their family might change as a result of this.  If anything, the version of the Addamses we see onstage is more relatable to the audience than their TV counterparts.  We see them dealing with problems in their marriage, with sibling issues, and with the prospect of incorporating "normal people" into their lives permanently.  And while this show is absoutely a comedy, it does bring to light some questions that we all may do well to ask ourselves.  How flexible are we in our beliefs?  What can we learn when we open our minds and communicate?  And, as Mal references, is there a "real America," or are we all in this together?

     It's our hope that you enjoy the show and appreciate all of the effort that went into it.  I am thankful every day that I have not only so much talent in this department, but that these students work so hard to manage everything in their lives.  I assure you, it's not easy.  That being said, a special shout-out goes to senior Emily Rexroad, who is serving as choreographer along with being onstage.  I know this wasn't part of your plan, Emily, but I hope you learned what you can accomplish when you have to get a job done.  Did you have obstacles?  You bet.  Did you shove them out of the way and succeed anyway?  Sure did.  Welcome to womanhood.  You've handled it beautifully, and I am so proud of you! 

     I'd also like to thank my wonderful production staff.  Facing a show without Devin behind the piano and John designing things that aren't immediately clear to me is a daunting prospect.  Many thanks also go out to our awesome theatre parents, many of whom have probably forgotten what their children look like after our busy couple of months running two shows and competing with the PHS Speech & Debate Team.  Additionally, we are grateful for the entire staff here at PHS for their support.  We are messy and we take up a ton of time on the calendar, and we truly do appreciate everyone working around us.   

      Finally, a zillion thank yous go out to Dan Henthorn for his generous loan of various set pieces and props and to Corinne Full and Connie Colvin, my partners in crime, who do various tasks ranging from sewing, crocheting, transporting, supervising, and doing daily sanity schecks when things get crazy (which is to say, always).  

     Please enjoy the production, and please continue to support the young artists in your area!  It all starts here!  


    Have a creepy, kooky, all-together ooky evening!


    Lori D. Zyla

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