The Addams Family - April 02 - April 05, 2020

Parkersburg High School


Crew Members  
Lori Zyla  
Music Director  
Devin Sudman  
Technical Director  
John Gradwohl  
Emily Rexroad  
Assistant Choreographer  
Abby Hines  
Stage Manager  
Abigail Kuhlman  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Katie Riggs  
LIghting Designer  
Madelyn Plum  
Light Operator  
Echo Full  
Spotlight 1  
Evan Collins  
Spotlight 2  
Isabella Reidmiller  
Stage Crew  
Misty Cobb, Shannon Dickerson, Gracie Smith, Grace Hyde
House Manager  
Simon Stobl  
Sound operator  
Eliza Hyde  
sound operator  
Hunter Trippett  
Set construction  
John Gradwohl, members of the cast and crew, parents, and Theatre 2, 3, & 4 classes

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