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Welcome to our educational entertainment and production company, ShoWorks Entertainment! We cater to artists of all ages, from young actors all the way through to adults. With attention to detail,

passion and respect for creative enterpreneurs, ShoWorks Theatre Production Division helps bring your page to the stage.


We understand that LA is primarily a TV/Film town, however, it is also a town full of actors, and actors want to act. Not wait to act. That makes you a waiter :-) Therefore, in addition to our Theatre "wing,"  ShoWorks also focuses on versatility with our TV training and film production, various live events, open mics and artist showcases throughout the year.  Because the more skills you have, the more versatile you are, and the more options you have to do what you love - and that is why we are all here right?


ShoWorks believes in imagination and creation, whilst helping prepare the up-and-coming actors of the future to work with integrity and discipline. As well as remembering that we get to dress up and play for the rest of our lives. How much fun is that!





                            Jo Galloway                                           Darren Portilla






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