All For Art - September 01 - September 24, 2017

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 Who's Who 

  • Vee Kumari head shot

    Vee Kumari


    Vee (Vijaya) embarked on her acting career in 2012, after spending more than two decades as a neuroscience researcher, professor and associate Dean at the UC Davis Health System, and five years as a half-time faculty at USC Keck school of Medicine. An avid reader and ardent supporter of the theater all her life, she moved away from science to explore the arts. In 2010, she took an acting class, fell in love with acting and never looked back. Vee has appeared on ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Sequestered”, ‘Anger Management’, and several Indie shorts and feature films including ‘The Price”, nominated for the SXSW Grand Jury Award. She was offered the role of Agnes in the Indie film, ‘Perception’ that she recently completed filming. When not acting, Vee enjoys writing fiction, cooking South Indian food for her family, and playing superheroes with her ten and eleven year old grandsons. ALL FOR ART is her stage debut.

  • Chris Worley head shot

    Chris Worley


    After years of growing up being told to be quiet and not make useless noise, Chris decided "Nahhh", and kept on being silly. He grew up in Orlando (Go Magic!) and didn't go to college but learned through osmosis from his friends and faculty that went to UCF which saved him thousands of dollars that he used to anger American Express instead. Chris performed at the Orlando Repertory Theatre, SAK Comedy Lab and then at Universal Orlando performing as Beetlejuice, Donkey and several other performance venues before moving to NYC in '07. There he started a theatre company with his friends that was awesome and fun until suddenly it was over. Then on to standup! Then on to making short films and web series! Until one day, life signs started pointing the westward direction and with his partner, Hilary in hand; they landed here in August '14 to explore and have adventures. And now he is performing in front of you very shortly. Cool, huh?



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