All For Art - September 01 - September 24, 2017

ShoWorks Entertainment











A poet and his actress wife have taken outrageous tax deductions for their artistic endeavours and Chandra Prajapati, a tenacious IRS representative, invades their apartment determined to see that they pay the government every penny they owe!

Philip and Fiona quickly convert the living room to an office, valiantly defend the role of the oppressed artist and appear to rout Chandra. They begin to suspect that the cliche about death and taxes may be true.

However, the tug-of-war struggle with Chandra has given them a degree of immortality by infusing new life into their art in this one-act comedy!








A spacious pre-war apartment on the west side, somewhat cluttered and uncared for but with many trappings, including what looks like a fine painting and an elegant chinese vase, revealing the the inhabitants' fierce interest in the arts.







"All For Art" will be performed without an intermission


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