Raise Your Voice - January 19 - January 21, 2023

The Barstow School


Act One  
Right Before Your Eyes  
Deuce Chanos and Company
The Spark of Creation  
Shria Malay
Samantha Reich, Madeline Johnson, Pami Yi
So Much Better  
McKinley Krantz and Company
Cooper Chanos, Deuce Chanos
We're All in This Together  
Consider Yourself  
Cooper Chanos, Brandon Wilson, and Company
Part of Your World  
Lucy McEachen
Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat  
Deuce Chanos and Company
Act Two  
Good Morning  
McKinley Krantz, Cooper Chanos, Deuce Chanos
These Palace Walls  
Shreeya Iyer, Madeline Johnson, Shria Malay, Lilly Simpson
They Live in You  
Deuce Chanos, Max Chanos
Raise Your Voice  
Lilly Simpson and Company
Beautiful City  
Will Mueller and Company
Why We Tell The Story  
Shria Malay and Company
Bows: Raise Your Voice (Reprise)  

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