Raise Your Voice - January 19 - January 21, 2023

The Barstow School

 Who's Who 

  • Riley Allen

    as Ensemble

    Riley Allen is currently in 8th grade. He has been performing since first grade, both in plays at Storybook Theatre, and at school. This is the second Barstow show he’s been in. Previously, Riley performed in ALICE IN WONDERLAND, JR. He enjoys reading, making outfits, and spending time outside. Riley is grateful for everyone who has helped him become the actor he is.

  • Daniela Blachly

    as Ensemble

    Daniela Blachly is in the 6th grade and RAISE YOUR VOICE is the first ever Barstow production she has taken part in. She plays tennis, draws, and has been a Barstow student since preschool. She wants to give a big thanks to her parents for everything, especially the encouragement they gave her to do this middle school production.

  • Camille Burbach

    Stage Crew

    Camille Burbach is in sixth grade and has previously performed in DINOSAURS BEFORE DARK, KIDS. This is her first time on crew. Durning her free time she loves riding horses and playing volleyball. Camille is proud to be a part of making this show, and gives thanks to her loving mom and family.

  • Cooper Chanos

    as Artful Dodger, others

    Cooper Chanos is currently in sixth grade. He has been at Barstow for eight years and done two shows at Barstow including THE BIG ONE OH! and THE MAGIC TREEHOUSE, KIDS. During his free time, Cooper likes to play the piano and baseball. He would like to thank his family for taking him to and from the rehearsals.

  • Deuce Chanos

    as Lahdalord, others

    Deuce Chanos is currently in seventh grade. He is thrilled to appear on the stage at The Barstow School again this year. Deuce has also performed in SEUSSICAL THE MUSICAL, KIDS, THE BIG ONE OH!, WINNIE THE POOH, KIDS., and DEAR EDWINA, JR. Outside of school, Deuce has performed in A CHRISTMAS CAROL at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre. Deuce would like to thank Mr. Kohler, Dr. Markley, and Mrs. Chanos for their help and support given to him from the first rehearsal. Enjoy the show!

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