Raise Your Voice - January 19 - January 21, 2023

The Barstow School


Cast Members  
Riley Allen  
Daniela Blachly  
Artful Dodger, others  
Cooper Chanos  
Lahdalord, others  
Deuce Chanos  
Matt Doss  
Jasmine, others  
Shreeya Iyer  
Hodel, others  
Madeline Johnson  
Elle Woods, others  
McKinley Krantz  
Eve, others  
Shria Malay  
Ariel, others  
Lucy McEachen  
Will Mueller  
Chava, others  
Samantha Reich  
Sr. Mary Clarence, others  
Lilly Simpson  
Charlotte Turner  
Oliver, others  
Brandon Wilson  
Tzeitel, others  
Pami Yi  
Young Simba  
Max Chanos  
Production / Creative  
Music Direction  
Dr. Josh Markley  
Staging and Choreography  
Mr. Bob Kohler  
Additional Choreography  
Mrs. Jessica Chanos  
Stage Crew  
Camille Burbach  
Stage Crew  
Fin Geraghty  
Stage Crew  
Carter Hayden  
Stage Crew  
Abby Kaye  
Stage Crew  
Anya Reddy  
Sound Crew  
Juniper Sterrett  
Stage Crew  
Finnian Waymire  
Stage Crew  
C.J. Wilson  

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