Rent - December 14 - December 16, 2023

The Beacon School


Tune Up A  
Mark, Roger
Voicemail #1  
Mark's Mother
Tune Up B  
Mark, Roger, Collins, Benny
Mark, Adam, Mimi, Collins, Angel, Maureen, Joanne, Benny, Company
You Okay, Honey?  
Angel, Collins
Tune Up (Reprise)  
Mark, Roger,
One Song Glory  
Light My Candle  
Roger, Mimi
Voicemail #2  
Mr. Jefferson, Mrs. Jefferson
Today For You  
Collins, Mark, Roger, Angel
You'll See  
Benny, Roger, Mark, Angel, Collins
Tango: Maureen  
Mark, Joanne
Support Group  
Angel, Collins, Mark, Roger, Steve, Gordon, Paul, Company
Out Tonight  
Another Day  
Roger, Mimi, Company
Will I?  
Steve, Angel, Collins, Mark, Roger, Company
On the Street  
Mark, Angel, Company
Santa Fe  
Angel, Collins, Mark
I'll Cover You  
Angel, Collins
We're Okay  
Christmas Bells  
Collins, Angel, Mark, Roger, Mimi, Benny, Maureen, Company
Over the Moon  
La Vie Boheme/I Should Tell You  
Mark, Roger, Mimi, Collins, Angel, Maureen, Joanne, Benny, Company

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