Rent - December 14 - December 16, 2023

The Beacon School


Crew Members  
Production Director  
Jo Ann Cimato  
Music Director  
Jeremy Jacobs  
Music Director  
Cullen Curth  
Krista Jansen  
Technical Director  
David Brune  
Lighting Design/ Master Electrician  
Keithlyn Parkman  
Sound Engineer  
TJ O'Leary  
Rehearsal Pianist  
Zac Mitchell  
Assistant Director  
Alice Rosenberg  
Production Stage Manager  
Hayley Arleny Morales  
Scenic Captain/ Production Design  
Olivia Maeve Grant  
Asst. Designer/ Props Captain  
Eleanor Bolas  
Asst. Technical Director/ Large Props  
Jasper Griffo  
Lighting Captain  
Madisyn Hernandez  
Sound Captain  
Emmett Murphy  
Costume Coordinator  
Sophie Miretsky  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Ane Hayes  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Kat Cottle  
Production Assistant  
Alix Caceres  
Light Board Operator  
Bellina Trocchio  
Spot Light Operator  
Lola Von Stumer  
Spot Light Operator  
Emily Giron  
Lighting Team  
Carolina Lugo Felix  
Lighting Team  
Bea Herbst  
Props Team  
Max Aibel  
Props Team  
Karina Kumar  
Props Team  
Katelyn Chen  
Props Team  
Theodora Pritchett  
Sound Team  
Lou Wallach  
Sound Team  
Katie Chu  
Sound Team  
Isabelle Astle  

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