Rent - December 14 - December 16, 2023

The Beacon School


Beacon Admin, faculty and staff for supporting our work and our commitment to an uncensored creative experience.


Erdene Greene, Esther Gross, Frank Willow-Rogers, Chun Hom, Melvin Peralta and the Main Office Team for administrative support, help with everything from printing to Covid Tests.


Super Joe, Daisy of the sixth floor crew for helping take care of our space, our stuff, and always finding things we inevitably lose.


Building Security for keeping us safe and cheering us on! 

We love you all SO STINKIN’ MUCH!


Beacon Music for coming through with the gear and support.


Dave Blattburg for coming through in the B’DAT Dad Band - AGAIN!


Every student who stopped by and helped cut bricks, stack pool noodles, collect and sort junk, sort... etc etc. Even if you were just helping out for the day your hands and your time invested matter!


Theater Development Fund and Materials for the Arts for leading us to upcycled resources all the time. 


B’DAT alum who traveled home to be here. We’re so happy to see you and hope we make you proud. We’re so glad you’re here. 


How many costumes/ props/ scenic elements do you recognize? It's a game! Let's play! It's a birthday game!


Beacon Theater Studio Classes for helping clean, keep things calm and groovy, coming to help after school and most importantly always being the first butts in seats for every show. 


All of our families, friends, advisors, teachers and bosses too. Your patience and support is most appreciated, especially if someone borrowed something out of your closet or home for a costume or prop! 



Everyone who loved on and walked Cimato's dog on late late rehearsal days.


Mr. Cimato for making the pay phone for RENT in 2007. It's been hanging in the theatre office since. You'd be amazed how many people try to answer it. 


Caroline Laskow and Joy Kilpatrick for helping coordinate the amazing B'DAT Parents who help with everything from Box Office and Concessions to keeing our company stocked in citrus. 


The Beacon Parent’s Association for generously underwriting 68% of our Teaching Artists needs. There would simply be no tech and no music  without their support. 



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