Rent - December 14 - December 16, 2023

The Beacon School


  • Simone Mena head shot

    Simone Mena

    as Mark Cohen

    Sophomore, is EXCITED to be in her first B’DAT show! This is her first Beacon show, but she’s been in several camp productions, playing a Wickersham in Seussical. To her, the best part of NYC is being in its public parks in July, smelling barbecues. When not Mark Cohen-ing, Simone can be found singing her heart out, calling friends, or watching video essays

  • Solar Orange head shot

    Solar Orange

    as Roger Davis

    Senior, their other B’DAT credits include Alfred in Alice By Heart, performing in Eve Of, doing sound for School Girls, Malvolio in Twelfth night, B’DAT’s ReBirthday celebration in the park all the way back when they were a wee 9th grader. Solar also loves music and is in a band called Electric Dickinson. Solar's favorite thing about New York is riding the subway.

  • Gabriel Patricio Hughes head shot

    Gabriel Patricio Hughes

    as Tom Collins

    Junior, is thrilled to be participating in his first musical! Previous credits include Jaywalking by Anna Deavere Smith for the Eve Of performance. Gabe is a part of the Advanced Theater Arts program and loves playing soccer for fun, building projects, and playing the flute. What he loves most about New York City is the …interesting people.

  • Jesús Batista Perez head shot

    Jesús Batista Perez

    as Angel Schunard

    Senior, is so excited to perform!! He never knew he would be so deep into the arts like this. He’s a musician, a black belt, a dancer, and now a singer! He’s come so far as an actor, especially in this role, even though the show was completely new to him. The most important thing to Jesus is always putting a smile on everyone’s face.

  • Gaïa Alexandre head shot

    Gaïa Alexandre

    as Mimi Marquez

    Senior, is honored to be performing in this production of Rent. Previous credits include Alice By Heart and School Girls. Gaïa was in technical theater in middle school and in the Theatre Honors studio and is excited to continue studying theater and acting in college. What Gaïa loves most about NYC is the creativity and diversity that surrounds the city.

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